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The English Mastiff is one of the biggest dogs recognized by the American Kennel Club, the massive Mastiff loves being around people and is known to bond closely with his ‘family.’ A combination of grandeur and good nature as well as courage and docility, he was bred in England and used as a watchdog for more than two thousand years. The breed’s short coat can be fawn, apricot or our favorite... Brindle !
As early as 3000 B.C., drawings on Egyptian monuments depict typical Mastiffs. Later, even Caesar noticed the fearless, strong Mastiff as it fought alongside the British soldiers in 55 B.C. Impressed by the breed’s courage, he brought a group of them back to Rome and forced them to take part in bull baiting, lion fighting and fights with human gladiators. Later, the Mastiff became popular with the peasants in England, where the dogs were used to keep wolves and other dangerous predators under control as well to as protect the homes.  

Shakespeare refered to Mastiffs as " The dogs of war" and it is a matter of historical fact that several hundred Mastiffs were given by Henry the 8th to King Charles the 5th of France to be used as fighting dogs on the battle field. This produces a most frightening image of these powerful beasts charging across the battle fields of the era which surely would have given their masters an incredible psychological advantage over the enemy not to mention the odd victory.

History of the breed 
The Mastiff has undergone a huge change over the last 500 years.  In modern times these massive dogs are wonderful companion animals 
They are excellent with children, patient, nurturing, protective but always up for a rump in the yard and attach themselves deeply to the ones they Love.
What the Lion is to the cat, the Mastiff is to the dog